The adoption of the London Agreement


The London Agreement entered into force on May 1, 2008, following the ratification and accession of the 13th EPC member state; France. The deposit of the instrument of accession was made by Iceland on August 31, 2004. The London Agreement applies only to European patents. In Iceland the claims of the European patent must be supplied in the national language, Icelandic, but other parts of the patent may be supplied in Icelandic or English. According to article 77 of the Icelandic Patent Act, a European patent shall take effect in Iceland only if the applicant fulfils the following conditions within the required time limit according to regulations after the day on which the European Patent Office published notification of granting the patent or made a decision on maintaining the patent in an amended version: 1. submitting to the Icelandic Patent Office an Icelandic translation of the patent claims together with an Icelandic or English translation of the other parts of the patent if the European patent was granted or maintained in an amended version in German or French 2. paying the Icelandic Patent Office the prescribed fee for publication.