New Patent Regulation No. 477/2012 in force


On 21 May, 2012 a new Icelandic Patent Regulation entered into force as published in “Stjórnartíðindi” on 5 June. The new regulation combines the rules of former Patent Regulation No. 574/1991 and Patent Advertisement No. 575/1991, which were repealed on the same date.

The Articles of the Regulation were updated and put in line with the current practice of the Icelandic Patent Office (IPO) with specific emphasis on clarity and transparency.

The IPO draws special attention to a few changes concerning time limits:

·         The time limit for filing Icelandic translation of claims and abstract is now 14 months from the date of application or the priority date, according to Art. 5(3) of the Regulation.

·         The time limit for filing approved version of the patent claims, the abstract and the drawings text is now 8 months from the date when the IPO believes there are material reasons for granting a patent, according to Art. 5(8) of the Regulation.

·         The time limit for limiting the scope of an application which involves two or more inventions is now 3 months from the IPO communication, according to Art. 30(1) of the Regulation.

With the enactment of the Regulation, the IPO will cease to publish information on new applications in the IPO Gazette. No information on new applications will therefore be provided to others than the applicant or his Agent, until the 18 month publication, dating from the application date or the priority date, whichever comes first. More information will however be provided in the IPO Gazette on the status of applications for which re-establishment of rights has been requested or have been referred to the Board of Appeal.

Apart from the above, the main changes are the following:

·         Article 2, definitions of terms.

·         Articles 39 and 60, rules concerning the limitation of a national patent and European patent.

·         Chapter VIII on Supplementary Protection Certificates has been clarified.

·         Chapter IX, IPO formalities requirements concerning recording transfer of ownership etc. in the Patent Register.

·         Article 97, formal requirements concerning requests for re-establishment of rights.

The Regulation is being translated into English and will be available shortly. For further information please send inquiries to