International conference – The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights


Over 160 delegates participated in the conference The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights which took place in Reykjavík on August 18. The conference was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Icelandic Patent Office. Speakers came from various sources, both Icelandic and foreign, and among them was Mr. Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO.

During the conference, guests were able to look at collection of counterfeit goods confiscated by customs authorities in Iceland as well as counterfeit goods which was borrowed from the International Trademark Association, INTA. In comparison, guests could also view the original products.

At the beginning of the conference Mrs. Borghildur Erlingsdóttir, Director General of the Icelandic Patent Office, formally opened the website The website is the result of cooperation of many entities that make up Intellectual Property protection concern, including Customs, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, SMÁÍS, STEF, Icelandic Medicines Agency and the Icelandic Patent Office. The website is intended to provide information to the public about counterfeit goods, downloads e.t.c., in relation to illegal use of Intellectual Property.

The Icelandic Patent Office wishes to thank all those who contributed to making the conference possible, and last but not least the many guests who attended the conference